Burger King Claims New FIERY CHICKEN FRIES Are 'Offensively Spicy'


Burger Kings's new Fiery Chicken Fries are now available to patrons across the land.

Similar to the classic Chicken Fries, the new variant features a marinade of cayenne pepper and other spices to produce heat in every bite. The brand even goes as far as boasting an "Offensively Spicy" taste to their product. We have to admit, they do look pretty spicy.



Patrons can find the new Fiery Chicken Fires at all participating Burger King locations across the US for a limited time. They're sold in a 9-piece box for $2.89 and served with a choice of dipping sauces. Sauces include: Ranch, Zesty, Buffalo, Sweet & Sour and Honey Mustard.

While the Fiery Chicken Fries are only available for a short while, the original Chicken Fries are still a permanent addition to the Burger King menu.