Ben & Jerry's Horror Ice Cream Flavor Concepts Sound Frighteningly Delicious


Throwing on a horror flick and grabbing a pint of Ben & Jerry's sounds like an ideal Saturday night to me, so these horror-inspired Ben & Jerry concept designs would have made sense.

John Squires and Frank Browning are just a couple dudes who are passionate enough about scary movies that they created a blog called Freddy In Space (Named after Nightmare On Elm Street's Freddy Krueger character). A couple years ago, they thought up some clever ways to re-create some ice cream flavors and make them sound terrifyingly sweet, just like Ben & Jerry's would.

Ben & Jerry's is known for clever flavors such as the Cherry Garcia, (Named after former Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia) and The Tonight Dough (Named after The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon). In that same spirit, Squires and Browning designed some flavors such as the Human Centi-Peach, (Named after the gross horror flick, the Human Centipede) and Never Sleep Again (Tribute to the dream-stealing Nightmare On Elm Street movie).

Squires told Mashable that he still receives emails from people asking about purchasing information. Unfortunately, these flavors are just design concepts. Scary good concepts.


Take a look at some of the horrific flavors below:

Hi-C Ecto Cooler- Named after the Ghost Busters movies, this flavor is just described as citrus ice cream. Guessing it would taste like Hi-C.


Never Sleep Again- Named after Nightmare on Elm Street. It's coffee-flavored ice cream to keep you up and not get murdered in your sleep.



Human Centipeach- Named after the Human Centipede. You might want to skip this one.


Heeeere's Brownie- Named after the classic line in the Shining. This one is chocolate brownie ice cream with walnut sprinkles.



Patrick Batement- Named after American Psycho's main character Patrick Bateman.


To view all the flavors they designed, check out Freddy In Space, as they created well over 20 different awesome movie-ice cream combos.

h/t mashable