Behold, a Blue Strawberry?

According to some convincing sources, a blue strawberry does exist! Yay or nay? On the one hand it looks awesome, that atomic blue color is quite a novelty and is extremely attractive. But at the same time, would you feel safe eating it? 

After all, it is a Willy Wonka-esque creation. This blue was purely unintentional as scientists wanted to figure out a way to protect strawberries from frost and found that a gene in "Artic Flounder Fish" produced antifreeze properties to protect itself from freezing waters. The result of genetically modifying this gene created a shockingly blue fruit that can withstand very cold temperatures and won't turn into mush in your freezers.

Cynthia Blu Jawdeh uses a few different references to support the existence of the Blue Strawberry. On the other hand, there have been several other 'Photoshop enthusiasts' who have called out some of the inconsistencies in the featured image, and some of the choppiness around the border.

What are your thoughts? Would you eat one if it existed? Is the possibility of a Blue Strawberry that outstanding that you'd be hard-pressed to believe it exists?


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