This Meat-Lovers Breakfast Burrito Ditches the Tortilla for Bacon


Breakfast burritos are pretty awesome. Bacon-weave breakfast burritos are epic!

Vulgar Chef, the foul-mouthed creator of this ridiculous Mac N Cheese Whoopie Pie and this Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake, shows us once again that he is completely out of his mind as he put together this Meat Lovers Breakfast Rollup.

Apparently a rollup is something you call a breakfast burrito on crack that was eaten by another breakfast burrito on steroids.


The bacon weave trend might have died down a bit, but it has made an admirable special appearance in this video as a tortilla would not have done this beast justice.

The Vulgar Chef used gloves to make this bacon-wrapped meatsicle and it's probably be a good idea to eat it with gloves as well, unless you have a thing for greasy bacon hands.

Check out the vid below as he gives a step-by-step process on how to make this meat monster: