This Bacon Toaster Just Made Cooking Breakfast A LOT Easier

Bacon. One of the greatest foods ever to be conceived. We all love the crunchy, fatty goodness of this porky delight.

However, it's always been a pain to cook at home. Frying bacon in a pan creates a massive mess of popping bacon grease, and it usually ends up shriveled and not as crispy as we want it to be.


Baking bacon has been a great alternative, but it takes a long time and usually leads to some kind of mess and difficult cleaning with the pans afterward.

Thankfully, this bacon toaster is here to solve all of our bacon cooking problems. And we're more than happy to usher it in.



Gizmodo reported on this incredible invention from Nostalgia Electrics, which cooks up to 6 slices of bacon at a time in a matter of minutes. The "Bacon Express," as it's called, can cook thick cut, thin cut, or even turkey bacon by adjusting the dial on the side to what cut of bacon you're cooking and how crispy you want it.

The $40 toaster is incredibly clean and easy to use, with a drip tray at the bottom to catch all of the bacon grease for disposal (or storage), and an easily removable heating plate that can be cleaned with soap and water once cooled, according to the instruction manual.

Basically, the Bacon Express is a quick, convenient, and affordable way to easily cook the bacon the way you want, without all of the mess. And since we all love bacon, who doesn't want something that makes it easier to cook?