Adam Richman Returns For One More Hot Wing Challenge, Completely Loses It

Adam Richman has traveled all around the country, trying different food challenges that either involve massive amounts of eating, or gorging down some of the spiciest foods out there.

The former Man v. Food star knows a thing or two about taking down hot wing challenges, but he might have been a little rusty, as even he wasn't ready for what was to come in First We Feast's "Hot Ones" challenge.


Richman, who admitted to being a superfan of the Hot Ones web series, actually made through all 10 wings, but not before cursing up a storm and losing his mind. He even turned into Rick Grimes for a moment, feeling the zombie apocalypse-like burn and giving us a couple of "Carl!" quotes.

While Richman usually killed spicy challenges, he recalled the time he took the "Fire in your hole" chicken wing challenge at Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota, Fl. It was the only spicy challenge he ever lost, and he claimed that he was sabotaged from the start. Richman explained that they had the cafe employees mic'd up, and they caught them conversing about putting the entire bottle of Jet Black Ghost Chili extract in order to "smoke him out."

"The reason why I'm especially mad, it's not because of my record, I don't give a shit about that," Richman said in the Hot Ones Interview. "It's that it's cavalier and very dangerous. They weaponize ghost chili extract in police grenades in India."


So we can bet Munchies 420 is on Adam's shit list for their dick move.

The rest of the interview involved a lot of interesting stories and a lot of strong, hilarious cursing after every wing Richman tried.

Richman left The Travel Channel's Man v. Food show back in 2012, but it's nice to see him come back to take on another spicy challenge.