8 Weird Ways To Get Your Caffeine Buzz

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there are some mornings when your venti latte just isn’t enough. So what do you do when you need to be in high gear and your body just isn’t up for it? The obvious answer: consume more caffeine. Like air, food, and water, caffeine is a daily staple for many of us, and the results can be disastrous if you try to face the workday without your trusty cup of java. But if you’re looking to nix the coffee breath from your third (or fourth, or fifth) cup o’ joe, sometimes you have to think outside the mug. Put the espresso shot down and try one of these eight bizarre ways to get your caffeine fix instead.

Beef Jerky

This caffeinated snack couldn’t have a better name. This “Perky Jerky” (brilliance) has 150 milligrams of caffeine per bag, which is more than enough to get you through your 2 PM slump. Plus, at only $5.99 a bag, you’re essentially spending what you would on your Starbucks order, let’s be real. This jerky isn’t just a boost of the good stuff, it’s also a lean, protein-enriched snack that will keep you full and focused throughout your day.


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Most caffeine-heads are no stranger to caffeinated gum, the most popular on the marketing being Jolt chewing gum. A six-pack of these little wonders is a pricey $10.20, but those six pieces of gum are equivalent to 36 cups of coffee… if 36 cups of coffee were injected right into your bloodstream and gave you minty fresh breath. We think it evens out in the long run.



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It’s official, caffeine is now a fashion statement. The popular Indiegogo campaign for the first ever caffeinated bracelet, called Joule, wrapped up to great success. Joule is a tech startup based out of Canada and (considering it raised almost $75,000 during its campaign) will soon be bringing its wonders internationally. Essentially, this bracelet is a big caffeine patch that administers caffeine right into your bloodstream, all while looking trendy and saving you 20 minutes of waiting in the coffeehouse line. And at only $55 dollars a pop, there is nothing wrong with that people. Nothing wrong at all.


Looking for a light mid-day snack or something to keep you awake during a late-night movie? Your regular buttered popcorn is all well and good, but why not opt for some supercharged popcorn instead? That’s right, there is such a thing as caffeinated popcorn. And now everything is right with the world. The popcorn, called BioFUEL, offers regular caffeinated varieties for $3.49 or supercharged caffeinated varieties for $3.99. They also offer a kids’ decaffeinated popcorn for $2.99… which would mean it’s just regular popcorn. Nice try.

Jelly Beans


This sweet snack will never be the same once you get your hands on Extreme Sports Beans Jelly Beans. As if jelly beans weren’t already addictive enough. Meant for pre- and post-workouts, you can choose from watermelon and cherry flavors to gorge yourself on. A regular pack is $24.99 or you can bulk up with a double pack for $47.99. I’m anxiously waiting for them to expand to blueberry and buttered popcorn flavors.


This one probably has you rolling your eyes. Between the natural caffeine from the chocolate and the rush from the sugar, a dessert like a brownie will obviously get you a little buzz. But these brownies aren’t in the business of “a little buzz.” They mean business. Called A Snack to the Face (again BRILLIANT), these brownies are infused with “pharmaceutical-grade caffeine” and are sold in batches of a half dozen at only $17. A dessert with a cup of coffee baked into it? Umm, I’ll take all of them, please.

Gummi Bears

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Cute and squishy gummi bears with a serious kick. Grown up gummi bears, if you will. These Energy Gummi Bears, which come in citrus or berry, are packed with B and C vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural caffeine sources, and protein. Not only do you get your daily dose of caffeine, but you get a slew of other amazing health benefits, plus the always-fun experience of eating gummi bears.


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Too busy drinking coffee to brush your teeth? Too busy brushing your teeth to have your morning coffee? You don’t have to choose anymore! Now you can actually get a caffeine rush while brushing your teeth. This is the beginning of a beautiful new era for the multitaskers among us. Power Toothpaste, the first caffeinated toothpaste, just wrapped up a successful Indiegogo campaign in early March of last year, raising over 103% of what they intended on raising. Caffeine that not only gives you a high, but cleans your teeth, too? Sign us up.

Coffee Gummies

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Ever taken a spill with your coffee in hand? This shudder-inducing thought was the inspiration for Go Cubes, coffee gummies that was just recently funded on Indiegogo. These gummies come in three different flavors (Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte) and are already killing it with pre-sales. So if gummy bears and coffee are tied for your two favorite snacks, you need to stock up on these magic cubes RN.