7-Eleven Officially Jumps Into The Fried Chicken Game

Popeyes really made the country go crazy for chicken when it released its first ever fried chicken sandwich last year. Now 7-Eleven is looking to get in on the action, opening its own fried chicken joint within the walls of a new store in Manhattan.

It's called "Raise The Roost" and will be offering up classic chicken sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, tenders, and by-the-piece boneless and bone-in wings.


They'll also be offering grab-and-go options, if you're just trying to, well, grab some chicken and go.

The chicken is said to be made from scratch, and if the "Raise The Roost" pun wasn't enough for you, they're going with the slogan, "Chicken Worth Crossing The Road For."


Similar to the 7-Eleven Lab Store in Dallas, Texas, the New York Evolution store that will house the chicken shack will also carry its own specialty products such as cold brew coffee on tap, self-serve ice cream, and they'll even have their "Mobile checkout" available. Their mobile checkout system was introduced in summer of 2019, and allows customers to scan out their items and actually skip the traditional cash register experience.

The aforementioned Dallas Lab Store also had its own full restaurant attached, as the Laredo Taco Company comfortably sits inside the giant 7-Eleven, with its own fully fleshed out menu.

We can only hope the concept catches on, as being able to walk to your local 7-Eleven for some 2 a.m. fried chicken always sounds ideal.