New 7-Eleven Drinks Come In Self-Chilling Cans That Cool Your Beverage Instantly

The future of drinks is here, folks, and it means that you can now crack open a cold one anywhere you want, even if your drink has been toasting in the sun.

self-chilling cans
Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is testing out some new packaging tech that involves self-chilling cans. The on-demand cooling vessels already have some serious cred, with recognition from NASA, the US Army, and the EPA for the system behind it.


Made in partnership with Joseph Company International, the "Chill-Cans" contain reclaimed carbon dioxide that turns things frigid instantly. At 7-Eleven, they'll contain "Fizzics" sparkling cold brew coffees in regular, French vanilla, and caramel flavors.

Getting the beverages to go cold is pretty easy. You turn the can over on a flat surface, and twist the base until you hear a hissing sound. Let it be for about a minute and a half, invert it back to its normal position, and it's ready to drink. Just make sure not to touch the packaging while it's cooling, since the body heat from your hand can mess with the system and make your drink less chilly.

The technology works just about anywhere, so if you're on a road trip and need some cold coffee, having one of these cans on hand would be clutch.

If you're looking to try some of these instant-cooling cans yourself, 7-Eleven is currently testing them in 15 different locations across the Los Angeles area.