9 Frighteningly Cute Ways to 'Dress Up' Your Halloween Desserts

It's once again that special time of year, when the moon is a bit fuller, the winds are a bit colder, and the night is a bit darker: it’s Halloween season. Kids get ready for trick-or-treating; while at Foodbeast we're more concerned with treating-and-eating. We want only the spookiest, sweetest Halloween cookies, cakes, and candies around.

But just how can you ensure your deadly desserts are both frightful and delightful? Why not look to a quintessential Halloween tradition and dress them up? Check out the creepy creations below for inspiration.

Make Some Monsters


Your Cup of Cake turns a black moon into a mini monster with her Monster Whoopie Pies by using white chocolate morsels for teeth, candy for a tongue, and candy eyeballs—so adorable you could just eat them up!

Mummy’s the Word


For a creative treat that’s simple and yummy, go for the Mummy! These Mummy Cookies by Country Crock are made of crunchy vanilla biscuits “wrapped” in white chocolate bandages, and even have sweet chocolate morsels for undead eyes. You can easily add detail to the bandages using a plain toothpick, and even a graham cracker sarcophagus if you’re feeling extra devilish. Admit it; you need these in both your life and the afterlife!


Add Creepy Crawlers


With just a bit of chocolate drizzle and a few chocolate truffles, instantly create scrumptious spiders that sit atop rich peanut butter cookies like these Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies by A Spicy Perspective. All the fun without any of the cobwebs!

Get Gross


When it comes to these Witches' Fingers Cookies by Annie's Eats, the devil's in the details! Cook up some scary-real severed witch fingers by adding green food coloring, and create "knuckles" by making indents with a toothpick or fork. Then press down almonds at the top of the cookies for witch finger "nails!"

Turn Screams into a Scene



Why stop at "ghosts?" Transform a cake into an entire gruesome graveyard like this Halloween Cake by Country Crock. Complete with chocolate trees and "dirt," a pretzel fence, and of course, white chocolate ghosts, it's sure to haunt your sweet dreams for eternity.

Play with Shapes


Cooking on the Front Burner drew inspiration from a classic Halloween symbol by using butter, gelatin, corn syrup, and baking soda to shape popcorn into Pumpkin Popcorn Balls. Attach a chocolate roll "stem" and green taffy "leaf" on top of the pumpkin to polish off the look.

Don’t Forget About Fruit


Fruit can be just as sweet as candy and inspire even more ideas for creating unique Halloween treats. Case in point: Yummy Crumble took a page from Little Shop of Horrors and used blood-red strawberries to decorate her Monster Strawberry Cupcakes. 


Don't Forget About the Extraterrestrials Either!


Halloween isn't just about ghosts, ghouls, and goblins—it's about celebrating all things creepy, including the creepy creatures that come from space! These Alien Invasion Cupcakes are completely out-of-this-world, with slime green frosting, sunflower seed eyes, and black licorice antennae.  

Get A-Head of the Game


This recipe for Monster Munch by Munchkin Munchies is perfect for anyone with a monster-sized appetite. The head of the Franken-Crunch is comprised of green-colored rice cereal treat, marshmallows for eyes and a nose, and various other candy accessories to bring a spooktacular spin to any frightfest.

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