This Hotel Will Deliver A 10 Pound Donut Straight To Your Room

Brace yourselves, folks. The sugar coma of the year is here — and it's available for room service.

I'm talking about a MASSIVE 10 pound donut that the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort will deliver to your room. It's a part of their whimsical "Donut Disturb" package, and is available all year long.


When you choose to get this awesome room service deal, you'll receive a special "Donut Disturb" hanger to place on your doorknob upon check-in. Then, the kitchen gets to work crafting a carb-sterpiece that's three feet wide and at least a foot tall.

Now, to be fair, this "donut" isn't built the same way a traditional donut is. It's got layers of Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly infused on the inside. Additionally, it's topped with layers of fondant, an electric pink creme frosting, tropical fruit macaron crisps, and neon jimmies. Overall, it looks like something out of Homer Simpson's version of heaven.

The entire donut is then wheeled to your door with an accompanying set of milkshakes. You can use them for dunking and dipping, or just as a delicious pairing to this sugar overload. From there, choose to eat it however you want and it's carbo-load dream time.


If you're interested in scoring on this "Donut Disturb" special, it starts at $219 for the 10 pound donut delivery. Additionally, you also get a free $50 room credit for the resort's spa, dining, or golfing amenities.

To celebrate the launch of this zany donut special, the team at JW Marriott Desert Springs crafted a monstrous 100-pound donut. If you want to do a quick size comparison, peep the video above to behold it in all its glory.

Marriott's "Donut Disturb" package is the perfect way for those of us with big sweet teeth to kick off our vacations. The only question we have is this: How much of this donut can YOU handle?