Ridiculous Fried Ravioli Burger is a Real Thing at this Southern California Restaurant


They call it The Rustic Ravioli Burger, and it's Slater's 50/50's latest monthly burger project which features an Italian sausage and Brandt beef patty, fried ravioli, grilled broccoli, roasted tomato and pesto Alfredo on a brioche bun.


The burger will be available for the entire month of September as their Burger of the Month.

While we haven't tried this beast yet -- it looks like one of the most interesting entries the chain has offered up in recent memory. Slater's is known for their 50/50 burger, a blend of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef.


Since the chain's inception, they've brought to light a ridiculous amount of burger concepts including the Turducken Burger, a 100% bacon burger, Bulgogi BBQ Beef Burger, a Kangaroo Burger, a Donut Burger and our favorite flavor bomb, a Chorizo Burger.

Here's a full look: