Artist Pens Heartwarming, Illustrated Guide to Ramen


Ramen, as any aficionado knows, can be an art form. The perfect combination of chewy wheat strings, seasoned broth, and choice protein is far more than a drunchie cure; it's a revelation, great enough to inspire poetry, love songs, and yes, some really kick-ass drawings.



Canadian illustrator Sara Gonzalez recently hosted a "Ramen Room" exhibition in which she explored the history and cultural context of the esteemed Asian noodle dish, from instant styrofoam cups to ramen burgers. Through her intricately detailed drawings, Gonzalez paints a suitable homage to a food that has "sparked tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide," and "provided affordable comfort to millions of destitute college students across the globe."


As a plus, guests also got fresh instant ramen, green tea, and fish swirl-shaped sugar cookies. For the rest of us, these will just have to suffice:



ramen-art-4  ramen-art-5 ramen-art-6