This Greek Restaurant is Now Selling a Baklava Milkshake, and It's Heavenly


As long as your dairy tolerance is up, it's fair to say you've had a milkshake before. If your ethnic eat food is up, you've likely enjoyed a philo dough and syrup-laden baklava dessert. Yet, before yesterday's drive back from Las Vegas and pit-stopping at the California-Nevada state line's Mad Greek Cafe, I had never had a Baklava Milkshake, and damn was it heavenly.

The lush dessert drink was humbly displayed on a washed printed 8.5 x 11" paper, but the name and picture was enough for me to order it up as an appetizer to my looming Gyro coma:

The milkshake was rich with delicious ice cream and laden with thick chunks of fresh baklava throughout. If you have the opportunity to order up one of these at one of the Mad Greek Cafe locations, wait until you get your mouth on the ice cream-soaked bits of baklava that sink to the bottom of the cup.


Game. Changer.


32110 S Las Vegas Blvd, Primm, NV, United States
(702) 874-0900