The Ramenritto Exists and it's Everything We Ever Hoped For

Ramen burrito

Are you freaking kidding me New York? First you get the Ramen Burger and now you get dibs on the Ramenritto too? Could we maybe save some delicious mashups for the rest of the country? Dayam.

This magical hybrid of ramen and a burrito is currently available at Presstea in the West Village. Instead of just throwing some Maruchan in a dank burrito, this dish is classed up with some gourmet touches. The Ramenritto is filled with fresh ramen noodles made to order that have been prepared in a pork broth with cilantro, garlic, and house spices. Drool.


Protein wise you can choose from six hour roasted chicken, Grandma's 12+ hour cooked pulled pork, steak, or get a mix of all three. Topping off this mashup monster is a cheddar jack cheese blend, barbeque sauce, pickled onions, corn, pickled English cucumbers (not to be confused with pickles), and fresh greens.

In case you're trying to be carb conscious, to which I ask, why the hell are you eating a burrito stuffed with ramen, Presstea also serves up a burrito bowl, but keep in mind it's called a Ramenritto, not a Ramenowl. Just sayin.

H/T + PicThx Thrillist