How to Make 'Pigs in a Jacuzzi' for Breakfast

A few weeks ago we stumbled upon this morning gem. The simplicity of bread + eggs + cheese instantly appealed to both Pinterest lurkers and the less culinary inclined. If you've got a knife, spoon and oven (a toaster oven will work, too), this "breakfast hack" can be broken down into a few quick steps:

1) Lightly indent a square in the middle of your piece of toast using a knife and spoon.

2) Crack an egg into the shallow hole or "jacuzzi".

3) Sprinkle on cheese. If you're trying to be extra fancy, sprinkle on bacon that's already been cooked and chopped.

4) Place in the oven for 10 min at 325 degrees.


5) Eat it like a pizza and use your hands, or eat it like a sir with a fork and knife.


We ended up trying the recipe for ourselves one Friday afternoon and we nearly swooned ourselves. The cheese-laden toast soaks up the egg. When you take a bite, the melty, eggy bread meets the salty crunch from the bacon. The complete savoriness of the entire thing is beautiful enough to make you cry and swear off cold, heartless cereal forever.

Learn how to make it in the above video, but warning: if you're at work, watch it on mute. Enjoy!