Attention: Goldfish Created a New French Toast Flavor


Brunch happens to be one of those pleasant weekend ideas that sound fantastic in our planners but downright inconsiderate the morning-of. We get it. It's early. No one but over-achievers get up before noon come Saturday to Sunday. Luckily, Goldfish Grahams created a sugar-crusted, French toast-flavored version of their classic fish-shaped snacks. The next-best thing for those missing out on the brunch rush.

According to Brand Eating, the new offerings are available in 6.6 oz packages for $1.50 and smell like toasted Eggo waffles with cinnamon. Apparently, while they do bear a syrupy taste, the new treat fails to fully emulate French Toast's eggy, buttery aroma.


Still, they do make for a sweet, crunchy nibble that just might pair well with a flute of mimosa.