This King Cake Burger is Slathered with Icing and Sprinkles

King Cake Burger

Mardi Gras is reserved for eating the fattiest, mostly indulgent foods before Lent. I guess you can also flash your boobs for beads. But mostly the food. In spirit of celebration, Food Drunk, in collaboration with Ye Olde Bake Shoppe, decided to create the King Cake Burger in honor of the the annual day of excessive vices.

Based off of the King Cake, New Orleans' official Mardi Gras cake, the King Cake Burger is a slab of Angus Beef Brisket topped with sharp cheddar cheese, then sandwiched between two brioche buns. Sounds like a regular burger at this point right? You know us better than that. The entire shebang is then covered in a generous glop of fondant icing glaze and sprinkles.


Overall, the King Cake Burger looks like a sinfully excessive mess I'd happily devour.

Picthx Food Drunk