This Adorable Pizza Geek Finds the World's Smartest Pizza Box


Many of us have our favorite pizza takeout joints -- the one we can rely on to deliver fresh pies without being a limp mess. However, what about the cardboard vessel that keeps it safe in transit? It turns out there's an art to the pizza box too, and aficionado Scott Wiener set out to find the best of the best.

What constitutes a top-notch container? Good ventilation is key. If too much steam from a hot pizza gets trapped inside the box, chances are your pizza will arrive soggy and lifeless. No good. In a quest to find the one that reigns supreme, Wiener has inspected and tested over 650 pizza boxes from 45 countries (all of which he keeps in his Brooklyn apartment), and he's made a surprising discovery.


According to Wiener, the world's most efficient pizza box doesn't reign from well-known pizza destinations like New York or Chicago -- it actually comes from India. Although the country isn't necessarily a pizza destination, the VENTiT box is simply done right.

VENTiT uses misaligned cardboard cuts to more efficiently ventilate steam, while many standard boxes have standard, aligned cardboard slits. Wiener explains, “You’re taking the exact same box but reorganizing how it’s put together so it creates better movement for steam.”

As of right now, VENTiT is only available in Dubai and India, but check out some pizza box front-runners in Wiener's video below: