How to Make Butterscotch Cheetos Cookies

Did you ever get to “cook” in pre-school? I did, and it was awesome. I really felt like I was a master chef when I shook that jar of cream until it turned to butter and coated those crispy chow mein noodles with chocolate. I was feeling nostalgic for those days this weekend, so I thought I’d whip up a batch of chocolate chow mein treats, also known as Haystack Cookies. Turns out, I didn’t have any chow mein noodles in my pantry, but what did I have instead? Cheetos. Perfect substitute, I thought. Thus, Butterscotch Cheetos Haystack Cookies were born.

Cheetos Haystack Cookies

Butterscotch Cheetos Haystack Cookies

(makes 17-20 cookies)



A perfect blend of chocolate, butterscotch, and cheesy crunch, these cookies will take you back to the days of taking afternoon naps, sitting cross-legged for story time, and playing with that homemade play dough that you totally never tasted...