How to Make Chocolate-Covered Taquitos with Cool Whip Sour Cream

The new year is right around the corner along with the resolutions that come with it — exercising more, eating healthy, and the like. That means you only have a few more hours to cram as many unhealthy things into your body as possible. It's a noble quest, and one that I'd like to help you achieve, so I’ve put together a fabulously fast and fattening New Year’s Eve snack that will help you finish 2013 strong: chocolate covered taquitos. Oh, and for dipping: a fabulous concoction of Cool Whip and sour cream.


Chocolate-Covered Taquitos with Cool Whip Sour Cream

What You Need

How to Make It

Oh my goodness. Chocolate-covered taquitos are everything you could want in a year-end treat that will leave you ready to start 2014 full of hopes, dreams, chocolate, cheese, and beef.