Bake Up Sriracha-Twisted Candy Cane Cookies


If you've already stocked up on a lifetime supply of Sriracha due to the impending Srirachapocalypse, then get ready to make these Sriracha candy cane cookies for Santa. It's the least you could do, especially if he’s hustling down the chimney to bring you presents.

The recipe, over at Nerdalicious, replaces sweet peppermint with spicy sauce in the classic twisted cookie. Two separate cookie doughs, one a plain white sugar cookie and the other a red spiced dough, are twisted together into canes and baked.


The result? The cookies are sweet and spicy, with the classic pungent smell from our favorite hot sauce. However, may we suggest sprinkling in crushed Sriracha candy canes for texture and some Sriracha frosting for an extra kick?  We’re sure Santa would love them too.

H/T + Picthx Nerdalicious