'Feel The Force' Darth Vader Mug Stirs Itself


Kill two droids with one lightsaber using this nerdtastic self-stirring coffee mug. With a push of a button you'll be using the faux-rce to mix your beverage to your liking while simultaneously looking like the coolest coffee drinker in the galaxy, or at least your office. The magic of this mug will either impress your co-workers or encourage them to talk about your laziness behind your back.

Screw those guys, it's a mug that stirs itself. So you just sip on with your bad self.


Also ideal for hot beverages such as cocoa and tea, this Feel The Force Self Stir Mug is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

Feel The Force Self Stir Mug, £13.99 @I Want One Of Those

PicThx I Want One Of Those