Sriracha Bacon Lollipops Combine the Trendiest Things of All Time


Full disclosure: I am so over Sriracha. I can't stand the smell, the hype, or the fact that you have to dump a bucket of it into anything just to find a little bit of heat. If there was any foodstuff raring to become the new bacon, Sriracha won that race by a good lightyear.


Still, would I try a Sriracha and bacon-flavored lollipop? Eh, can't say no.

Sriracha Bacon is the new "holiday" flavor from candy company Lollyphile (the guys who brought us the absinthe, breast milk, and blue cheese lollipops). Inspired by the recent Huy Fong - Irwindale lawsuit and (we're assuming) Santa's jolly red PJs, the pops are currently being pushed as a "combination of two of the greatest things of all time  . . . candied salty spicy peppery porky goodness."


Since Black Friday is technically starting a day early this year, why not enjoy your holiday dinner in lollipop form? Start off with a smooth cabernet, follow up with maple bacon and sriracha bacon, and wind down with a smoky bourbon.

Sriracha Bacon Lollipops: 4 for $10 at Lollyphile.

H/T + PicThx LAist