How to Make Red Velvet Cake Quesadillas

I love this whole take one thing and make it into something else trend: cronuts, crouton cones, ramen burgers, ice cream bread. It’s both playful and more importantly, tasty. So I thought I’d try my hand at a transformation of my own with one of my favorite desserts: cake. And here’s what I wound up with: Red Velvet Cake Quesadillas. It’s like a quesadilla with a "tortilla" made with cake mix and the filling replaced with frosting. Drool. I started with a traditional tortilla recipe, but mainly followed the directions more so than the ingredients.


 Red Velvet Cake Quesadillas

Red velvet cake-sedillas



While my execution left much to be desired, these turned out surprisingly well. It’s a really fun and different way to eat cake. If you’ve got the time (and the tortilla rolling skills), you should definitely give it a go.