Here's a Beer Fridge that Opens Only for Canadians


I got all warm and fuzzy while watching this. I can't help it, my inner poutine-loving self was thrilled at the sight of my fellow Canadians bringing strangers together over beer.

As part of a clever campaign, Molson Canadian stocked a fridge full of their signature beer. They then toted it around Europe to share the boozy wealth with complete strangers, the requirement being that you needed a Canadian passport to unlock it.

The video features both travelers and locals alike attempting to open the fridge, the end result being a happy crowd full of thirsty ladies and gents enjoying the cool, refreshing taste of . . . Molson.

Hey, you can't have everything and on the brightside, this is just further proof that booze is the key to world peace. Seriously.


Watch the ad campaign below, then peek the making of the Canadian-friendly beer fridge.