Dunkin' Glazed Bacon Doughnut Sandwiches Roll Out Nationwide


Back in April, Dunkin' Donuts was spotted testing its  Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich in Massachusetts. Turns out, the masses can't deny the goodness that is bacon and fried egg smushed between two glazed donuts. On June 7, DD will officially add Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwiches to their national menu. Oh, and it helps that the launch date conveniently falls on "National Donut Day."

The new savory + sweet item will run you 360 calories, not bad for a delicious morning treat. Stan Frankenthaler, the joint's executive chef and VP of product innovation, hints that special requests are not out of the question. "[P]eople can customize sandwiches in multiple ways," he told AP.


We're thinking two Bavarian Kreme Donuts, extra bacon. Think about it. Friday, as usual, you can't come soon enough.

H/T Eater