Transform a Tub of Ben & Jerry's Into Ice Cream Bread


Yes, in just a few steps you can turn ice cream into bona fide warm, fluffy bread (serious face, guys). Since we know you have a secret stash of Ben & Jerry's in the dark recesses of your freezer, try this out next time you can't decide between ice cream and toast. Always an excruciating decision.

Just take softened ice cream, mix it with self-rising flour, pour the whole shebang into a loaf pan, stick it in the oven (preheated to about 350 degrees), and in 45 minutes you'll have bread with a touch of creamy sweetness.


While ice cream bread has had its own legion of devoted fans for a while now, it's a still a wonder to us plebeians trying to play catch up. Big kudos to Reddit user airforcehusband for providing the nifty step-by-step guide. The recipe works best with full fat ice cream and quality ingredients, so keep the preservatives to a minimum.

Right now, we're digging this Ice Cream Cake Batter Bread (above) by In Katrina's Kitchen. We bet it taste like a dessert dream when toasted and slathered in Nutella.