We're Pretty Mad We Weren't Invited to This Awesome Harry Potter Party

Muggle parties are so last year.

The Potterheads over at Sugar Bean Bakers must have worked like house-elves to put together such a magical event. Obviously they knew any Harry Potter party worth its weight in Bertie Botts Beans would be incomplete without some Butterbeer and Chocolate Frogs.


With a feast fit for the Great Hall, this Potter party had it all. Polyjuice Potion for the mischievous bunch, Dementor Relief bars in case you got caught in a kiss, and even a Potions station to create your own brew! We can't imagine the planning and cleverness that went into this extreme party planning -- from the food to Harry Potter-themed games (complete with House Points!) to the overall aesthetics.

So, shut up and take my galleons!

Also, where was our invite yo?

Head over here for more on all the goodies at this gathering.

H/T + PicThx Sugar Bean Bakers