Be Still My Heart: Lay’s Debuts Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips


There are moments of genius that warrant the awe of the masses — a taco shell coated in nacho cheese and a blasphemous faux croissant, to name a few. Now, Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips dipped in Milk Chocolate have forever changed the snack game.

While chocolate-covered chips are a burgeoning trend among smaller companies, Lay’s is one of the first major brands to take the leap into this particular territory. Last year, Pringles rolled out with White Chocolate Peppermint, along with Pumpkin Pie Spice (of course) and Cinnamon & Sugar. While those flavors didn’t fare well (our taste buds are still cringing), we have high hopes for Lay’s more calculated approach.

The new salty-sweet potato chip will be sold for $3.49 per 5-oz bag as a Target-exclusive item. Although the new flavor is marketed as a limited-time offering for the holidays, if it sells well it could become a permanent fixture within the Lay’s lineup — with a dark chocolate version already on the grease-stained drawing board.

H/T Times + PicThx Frito-Lay

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  • Linda Lovelush

    Why only sold at Target?!?!?! That’s unfair! Well… actually… I’m kind of glad. Because when I first saw the pic on the main Foodbeast page, I nearly died. Lay’s Wavy being my favorite potato chip, I sat here shaking my head saying “OMG, no, they’re not doing this to me, they can’t.”


    If they’re only sold at Target, I’m safe. I’m not driving all the way to the nearest Target, which is on a side of town I avoid like the plague, to get them.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Utz makes chocolate covered chips as well but I think it’s seasonal. I usually get it around Christmas time.

  • Anonymous

    Lays tried this in the UK in the ’90s and they absolutely bombed.

  • Voice of Reason

    Royce makes these and they’re popular in Asia. Quite good in small doses. (Gets tiresome cause of the rich flavor). Dark Chocolate works bests. Milk and White are ok.

  • Tasty Chomps

    mmm chocolate chips…
    will try these


  • Anonymous

    Sounds very promising :D


  • FoodNinja

    This is old,either lays or pringles came out with chocolate covered chips in the early 2000s but no one one seems to remember :p

    • Anonymous

      No memory lapse here, I’ve never seen them, you sure it wasn’t a smaller company? I was only in Tennessee around that time, but I never saw such a thing ever.