So Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Cupcakes All Wrong

Apparently there’s a proper way to eat a cupcake.

Ever since our exploitation of the hidden properties of a Ketchup Cup, followed by the discovery of proper Tic Tac container usage, we’ve been inundated with e-mails regarding other things in life we are also doing wrong. One of those things? The cupcake.

I know, I know, don’t tell me how to eat a f-ckin’ cupcake — I said the same thing to our content director Geoff when he started telling me about a cupcake-eating-tactic he picked up from some friends, who had picked it up from various corners of the Internet. I’ve been haphazardly eating cupcakes through my nostrils for years, and I’m just now hearing about a way to properly eat them?!

Apparently, there is a maneuver that should completely eradicate any of the awkward eating techniques traditionally involved with eating a cupcake. The proper way conveniently offers up the ability to enjoy a cupcake without getting frosting on your face and consequently a proper frosting-to-cake ratio in every bite. How?

Use a couple of your firm fingers, twist off a bottom portion of the cake, and tack it on top of the frosting to make a sandwich. No frosty mess, no bites without frosting, all things good. Here you go:

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

  • Deana

    Part of the enjoyment for me while eating a cupcake is getting the frosting on my face. Makes me feel like a kid again ;)

  • Anonymous

    I use a finger to spread the frosting down the sides all around the cupcake, stick my finger up into the center of the bottom, and eat my way around the sides leaving just a cake sleeve around my finger with a little glob of frosting on top, …. and then open wide, insert cupcake finger all the way in, close mouth and drag my finger out. It’s probably the most non-hetero thing I do.

    • krystal

      so descriptive Lol

  • Becky Nowak Smith

    I usually eat that bottom portion first, then the top half with the frosting :-)

  • Ryan Allen Young

    apparently I just have a big fucking mouth and have no problem eating cupcakes. I also have a full beard and don’t get frosting everywhere.

  • Carlos Franco Z.

    I can’t believe it! all this time doing it wrong! geez!

  • Oliva Ung

    Haha it’s so funny

  • Equis Veinticinco

    ur an idiot

  • Devin Christopher Norris

    This will help me a lot! As a man with a beard I often find myself at parties staring longingly at the cupcakes, but never eating them because I know I’ll end up wearing half of it. Frosting is devilishly hard to clean out of a beard without a comb handy…

  • Un Bsd

    why is the so called gentleman wearing a tank top? Kinda spoils the whole effect, doesn’t it?

  • Neil venegas

    Why was this never mentioned on “lucky star”

  • Anonymous

    I always eat cupcakes with a fork. When the cupcake is gone, I use the fork to salvage the crumbs off the bottom of the muffin cup. Yum!

  • Michale Burch Hess

    I always tear the bottom off and eat the bottom and the save the top for icing…mmmmm……

    • Anonymous

      Yep – that’s how I eat a cupcake too.

  • Anonymous

    You won’t get the full flavor of the icing if you it it that way. So nope, even if you insist it is the “gentlemanly” way to eat a cupcake *roll eyes* I still won’t eat it that way.

    • Lilianna Mathers

      I agree, it sort of isn’t a cupcake any more if eaten this way. getting anywhere near cake pop land is just a huge no for me :)

  • Malice Highload

    This is why I feel like cupcakes are poorly designed. You have to dismantle them to consume them. Though I feel like the amount of frosting on top has gotten more excessive over the years.

  • Kyle Kleinstuber

    and how do we deal with the crumbling dough? that can’t be clean at all. Fail.

  • Gregorey Savieo

    They used Vivaldi <3

  • Larry Demars

    And all this time I’ve just been licking the icing off and putting them back on the serving tray.

  • Shane Garner

    I have been eating cupcakes this way since I can remember. I try to pass on the knowledge when possible lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m calling BS on this one. I don’t know anyone that eats it any way as you described it in the “Wrong” portion of that video. I take small bites out of the top until it’s gone, and keep the cupcake in the wrapper until the top is gone so I don’t get any on my fingers.

    And seriously what’s the difference between making it a cupcake burger and just trying to chomp down the front in one go? The only difference is that you’ve rearrange where one portion of the cupcake is.

  • Golden Bear

    This is good knowledge, but cupcakes are for the gays and for chicks at a bridal shower.

    • Lilianna Mathers

      That makes the kind of sense that doesn’t, You need to watch a few episodes of Cupcake Wars. And “the gays” area whole bunch of different people who like different things. Welcome to Earth, you have much to learn about us.

  • john truth

    stupid way to eat a cupcake.

  • Riley 1066

    If we were supposed to eat them that way they would be prepare that way in the first place.

  • krystal

    I just shove my face in yummy goodness

  • Anonymous

    this is why i ALWAYS make my cupcakes with filling, otherwise all it is is just a fancy piece of sheet cake. BORING.

  • SteadyBrixx

    So using a knife and fork was never considered proper???

  • Anonymous

    Just like sex, it’s more fun if you get it all over you.