There Are About 3 Million Food Trucks in the U.S., Can Your Truck Make It?

With about 3 million food trucks in the U.S., you’re going to want to do a bit of due diligence before jumping into the industry.

Just as with any business, you’ll want to do your homework. The following infographic highlights some of the big generalities involving the industry, including costs, marketing, city ordinances, locations and of course, the food. According to the Infographic, U.S. Food Truck revenue grew to $630 million in 2011, with the hottest cities including places like Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, and Miami.

For potential food vendors in LA, you’ll want to know that the city is starting to limit the number of permits it dispenses for the cause. Chicago has made it illegal for food trucks to park within 200 feet of restaurants.

Here’s a look at some of the other information you’ll want to digest before getting into the business:

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  • truxie

    Let’s see – 3 million food trucks and $630 million in revenue per year. The easy math on that is about $210 in revenue. Per truck. Per year. You can barely fill the tank for that much. At least one of those numbers is very, very wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Math is so hard.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, can the author comment on this???

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