The Farming of Bluefin Tuna

Did you know they are sustainably FARMING bluefin tuna in Japan in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way? With the rise in popularity of sushi, bluefin tuna has become a hot commodity around the world, to the point where they are now an endangered species. We went on a journey with FOODBEAST’s Analiese Trimber to visit the lab where they incubate the bluefin tuna eggs, the pens out in the Uwajima Sea where the bluefin tuna feed, live & are harvested, to the processing plant in Tokyo where they butcher & prepare the fish for restaurants, and back home in Southern California where we got to try the fish for the very first time. Director/Executive Producer/Cinematography: Marc Kharrat Producer/Host: Analiese Trimber Cinematography/Color: Christopher Abouabdo Editor: Michael Priestley Sound: Shawn Lindell