Chef Jordan Andino's Pork Belly White Castle Burger - New York | For the Love of the Slider

Chef Jordan Andino has made a lasting mark during his time amongst the NYC cuisine scene—with multiple television appearances under his belt, this young culinary creative is making waves with his fusion of Filipino and Mexican cooking techniques in his newer restaurant called 2nd City. We of course needed to see what his take on the White Castle Original Slider would look (and taste) like. Andino’s been a fan of the sandwiches ever since his father took him to the restaurant for his first bite while on a road trip up to Toronto. Getting into the 2nd City mindset, he conceptualizes a savory-sweet Slider that could fit right alongside the other craveable items offered at 2nd City, nicknaming his fruit the “Amasian Slider.” Snapchat: Director - Marc Kharrat (@marckharrat) Producer - Alex Wirtzer (@wirtzer) Host - Geoffrey Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick) Cinematographer - Sean O' Brien (@seanmobrien) Editor - Brian Robertson Colorist - Tawan Bazemore (@tawanbazemore) Sound Editor/Mixer - Patrick Joyner Created in partnership with White Castle

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