Zaxby's Creates Hot Sauce Popsicles

The quick service restaurant Zaxby's has partnered with popsicle brand Frios to announce sauce-flavored popsicles for "Saucetember." Zaxby's has re-imagined the month of September to feature their portfolio of 12 dipping and tossing sauces by spoiling their loyal fans to this chilled saucy generosity on a stick.


The frozen delight will feature two of the brand's most attractive and bold sauce flavors: Zax Sauce and Tongue Torch. The Zax Sauce features sweet, tangy and creamy flavors constructed by a secret mix of spices, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. The Tongue Torch Saucesicle is a mild heat tomato pop with hints of garlic, paprika, turmeric and lime.

Saucesicles were invented for devoted customers that just can not get enough of the brand's signature sauces. In fact, Zaxby's Saucesicles will be accessible for free starting today through their website, first come first served, while supplies last.

So wake up before Saucetember ends and get your hands on these before the sauce gets lost.