WWE Legend Rey Mysterio Featured On Limited Edition Cinnamoji Toast Crunch Boxes

WWE legend Rey Mysterio has entertained pro wrestling fans for over three decades, culminating in a well-deserved spot in the sport entertainment company's Hall Of Fame. If you've ever hit the '619' on your younger siblings or attempted a 'hurracanrana' off your couch as a kid, then you have him to credit.

Besides the significant honor of being included in the WWE Hall Of Fame, Mysterio will also be featured on limited edition boxes of Cinnamoji Toast Crunch. Fans should act quick, though, as the cereal boxes will only be sold on, while supplies last.


This feature coincides with Cinnamoji Toast Crunch partnering with the WWE to debut lucha libre wrestler face masks emblazoned onto the cereal's cinnamon sugar square pieces — right on time for Wrestlemania 39 in April. And if you want to get in on the wrasslin' action, too, the back of the Cinnamoji Toast Crunch cereal box transforms into a popup wrestling ring.

Both the Cinnamoji Toast Crunch featuring lucha libre face masks and the limited edition Rey Mysterio box are now available.