Wendy’s Savagely Claps Back At Snarky Twitter Trolls

We're only three days into 2017 and Wendy's may have already received the award for savage of the year.

If there's one way to start the new year right, it's probably not trolling fast food accounts on Twitter.

Well, it seems former twitter user Thuggy-D (@NHRide), who has since deleted its account and comments on Wendy's page, decided learn this lesson the hard way when he started some beef over a three-day old tweet Wendy's sent out about their beef being, "too cool to be frozen."

While trying to discredit Wendy's quality of beef and storing process, Thuggy-D began a mildly-incoherent tirade insinuating that no one would ever believe that Wendy's beef wasn't frozen because there's no way to store non-frozen beef before it's cooked, and that Wendy's should just, "give up."

"Y'all should give up. @McDonald's got you guys beat with that bomb ass breakfast." — Former Twitter user Thuggy-D


The Twitter rant struck a chord with Wendy's, but as usual they followed with a non-aggressive response that would eventually lead to the demise of Thuggy-D's account from the social media site.

Responding with pure class, Wendy's clapped back real quick with the following tweet:

"You don't have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there." — Wendy's, in reply to Thuggy-D

And with that, Thuggy-D's account was essentially put out to pasture. 

However, Wendy's is no stranger to this nature of savagery. In fact, on the morning of January 3, 2017, shortly after the world discovered Thuggy-D's account and comments had been deleted, Wendy's began roasting everyone who wanted a piece.

Most people began trolling Wendy's by asking them questions about locations of McDonald's and Burger King, but Wendy's level of comedic genius is something we should all take note of. 


Some responses only required photos.

The Wendy's Roast of 2017 was underway, with people practically begging to receive a sample of the burger chain's newfound sass.

Wendy's wasn't playin' and it showed.


Even this guy wanted some. 

It's unclear exactly why Wendy's account decided to let people have it, but it's nice to know they're not going quietly into the night.

Thank you, Wendy's.