This Woman Put Her Dog On A Vegan Diet, And People Are PISSED

Ok, so I’m sure we all have at least one vegan friend or know of someone who is vegan, but in case you don’t know what a vegan is, it’s a person who willingly does not consume anything that comes from an animal, and will make sure to let you know about it.

Veganism isn't a problem, the problem is when vegans take things to the extreme.

The following picture (Now deleted) is of the vegan woman on Tumblr who goes by sfveganyogi, and prepared a vegan meal for her sad-eyed and malnourished dog. The post said the meal consisted of pureed sweet potatoes, pureed brown rice, sprouted organic tofu, chia seeds, and fucking organic enzymes.


Yum? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t even eat that crap. Give the dog a bone for crying out loud!


No disrespect to the vegan community, but this particular person totes took the trophy for animal cruelty. In fact, the woman took some pretty harsh backlash.

The discourse involved some back and forth between claimed animal biology experts, not so experts and those who were totally against the idea of a vegan diet for the dog.

One commenter argued:




Then, when someone tried to defend vegan diets for dogs, someone clapped back with a lengthy, 3 part explanation about why it's not a good idea:


The winning arguments looked to be those who supported the idea that dogs, in fact, require meat to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The overlying theme to the Tumblr backlash stated that both cats and dogs health depends largely on meats to supplement their bodies ability to digest. The lack of meat in a dog's diet could, therefore,  cause protein-losing enteropathy- enteropathy refers to any pathology of the intestine, pathology meaning experience or suffering.

The commenter even pointed out that the dog was malnourished, as noticeable by it's dried-out nose.

There was a lot of veterinary science thrown in to why this vegan diet was absolutely horrible for dogs, and this is the worse thing ever, other than dog yoga. What’s wrong with people?!