TRUFF Releases New Truffle-Infused Buffalo Sauce Flavor

Photo: TRUFF


TRUFF, the buzzy and stylish maker of truffle-infused sauces, has just announced a new fiery flavor that sounds tasty enough to be my new go-to. The TRUFF Buffalo Sauce expands on the brand's line of condiments, mixing black truffle with tangy vinegar, cayenne pepper, and olive oil. It has a mild heat and can be paired with all types of savory dishes.

"We thoughtfully combined luxury with tradition by incorporating the unmistakable, bold flavor of TRUFF with the timeless flavor of buffalo sauce. The result is a culinary masterpiece we like to call TRUFFALO," says Nick Guillen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF, in the press release.

"TRUFFalo" is now available in a 6-ounce bottle online and Amazon.