Conceal Your Booze in This Sunscreen Flask


Carrying a flask in public is usually a no no. It's a weird, judgmental world.  But luckily, the folks over at Smuggle Your Booze have come up with a genius way to tote liquor this summer -- the Sunscreen Flask Bottle.

Made to look like any standard lotion tube, this super sly contraption holds 8 oz of alcohol without anyone ever knowing. Let's say you're attending a summer music festival where outside alcohol isn't allowed and drinks are way overpriced. Cue this guy. Because who's going to stop you from bringing sun protection into an event? Exactly.

This sneaky tube will most likely work in your favor, so long as you don't drink straight out of it. That might raise suspicions.

Sunscreen Flask


Sunscreen Flask Bottle, $10 @Amazon

H/T Supercompressor, Picthx Amazon