This College Junior Made a Perfect Steak Via Bluetooth

A junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took dorm cuisine to a new level for a final project. He created his own sous-vide and cooked some apparently edible food.



A sous-vide: Imagine a crockpot, but with more science. Food is vacuum-sealed in plastic and submerged in water (or a steam bath) for lengthy periods of time at relatively low temperatures. When your impatience has finally led you to murder your entire family, you can enjoy a post-killing spree dinner that has been evenly cooked.

You could buy a really good sous-vide for a couple thousand dollars, but there are mid- to lower-range ones that bottom out around $300USD. In true college student fashion, Matthew Arbesfeld made one instead because MIT doesn’t really pay for itself (in the short term). And, unlike this Jetsons-esque appliance, it’s Bluetooth-enabled.


Arbesfeld tested out the sous-vide, which cost him $100USD in parts, on eggs, burgers and steak. The meat was seared on a grill after its soak in the water chamber, for aesthetic purposes.


Get on this medium-rare level, bro.