This Coffee Brand Is On A Mission To Make Single-Serve Coffee More Sustainable And Ethical


Single-serve coffee isn’t always the most eco-friendly way to get your caffeine fix. Between plastic pods and individual wrappers, they can be wasteful. However, Steeped Coffee is looking to change all of that.

A Certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation, Steeped recently partnered with Connect Roasters to bring the latter’s coffee to single-serve drinkers nationwide. The Illinois-based brand, served in the clubhouse at Chicago's Wrigley Field, is a recent addition to the 400+ specialty coffee roasters who use the Steeped Brewing Method to deliver single-serve packs.

Steeped is on a mission to make specialty coffee more ethical, more accessible, and more sustainable through its proprietary brewing method. Brewed like tea in pre-portioned compostable coffee bags, this allows coffee drinkers to enjoy a cup of coffee by simply adding hot water.


“Steeped doesn’t take its barista-approved standards lightly and we’ve worked closely with industry experts to validate every aspect of the Steeped Brewing Method, from extraction to taste to freshness,” said Josh Wilbur, Founder and CEO, Steeped Coffee. “Most importantly, we are bringing an authentic specialty coffee experience to single-serve coffee lovers everywhere. We are thrilled to partner with Connect Roasters to bring its premium roasts to as many people as possible.”

Equally dedicated to making positive change, Connect Roasters was founded by Caleb Benoit in 2016 after mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The company’s vision is to use coffee as a vehicle to empower communities in coffee-sourcing countries as well as underserved neighborhoods closer to home. That mission is executed via partnerships with organizations like Save the Children and the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which are supported through proceeds from coffee sales. 

“Connect Roasters was founded to make a difference  – using our business to improve lives around the world," said Caleb Benoit, Founder and CEO, Connect Roasters. "We are proud to partner with Steeped Coffee and continue that mission through the use of sustainable single-serve packaging that makes our coffees accessible to more people, while minimizing our impact on the planet.”

Connect Roasters is available at and at select retailers throughout Chicagoland. Steeped Coffee is available at and at retailers across the country.