[FOOD HACK] The Only Way You Should Ever Open a Bag of Chips


How many of you are tasked with the daily struggle of opening a bag of chips? From accidentally ripping the entire bag apart, slinging chips all over a room, to making a slit too large down the side (thus making it impossible to close), the perfect way to open a crinkly air-tight pouch has alluded us for far too long. That is, until now.

We stumbled upon this genius video of  a young man demonstrating the perfect way to open a bag of chips.


Watch as he uses his teeth to rip the dead center of the bag, followed by a move that's reminiscent of peeling an orange, but with cellophane. The end result? A perfect circular opening, welcoming for any hand trying to scoop up a chip. With over 1 million hits on this video, we hope this leads to a new trend in chip opening. Try this at your next party or at work in the break room, we guarantee your friends will be hooting and hollering just like his.