The Most Successful Panda Express in the World Makes Over $4 Million a Year


Bet you never thought franchising a Panda Express would actually be the key to multi-millionaire status, huh.  But there’s serious gold hiding in that orange chicken (the chain sold 39 millions pounds of the chicken last year).

Panda Express began more than 30 years ago in California. It’s exploded across the nation, even opening up 12 stores (to be expanded to 40) in Hawaii.


The chain recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in Hawaii, hosting a party at its newest location in Moanalua. However, this is more than just a celebration of a nation’s obsession with chicken.  That’s because the first Panda Express in Hawaii located at the Ala Moana Center (a big tourist attraction) food court in Honolulu rakes in about $4 million dollars a year. It’s the highest revenue of any Panda Express anywhere else in the world.

Something to think about next time one of their employees hands you a sample on a toothpick.