This Bagel Shop is Serving Up Las Vegas' Wildest Bagels


Food on The Strip in Las Vegas is plentiful, delicious and comes accompanied with a sense of luxury. I love food on The Strip and it's a great way to explore a lot of different cuisines in one place from some of the most notable chefs from around the world.

However, venturing off The Strip is where some of your favorite foodies come to explore and discover a seemingly endless amount of hidden gems in Las Vegas. One such hidden gem is The Bagel Nook, which offers the wildest bagel options in the city.


The Bagel Nook has three locations total, with two in Freehold and Princeton, New Jersey. The location in the Summerlin community of Las Vegas is set what has Vegas residents hyped due to how fun their flavor combinations are! Imagine choosing from off the wall bagels like Cinnamon Toast Crunch bagels and Flaming Hot Cheeto bagels. Then treat yourself to a Flaming Hot Cheeto bagel with eggs, pepper jack cheese, double hash browns, avocado, lettuce and tomato. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA TO ME.

The Bagel Nook also offers crazy cream cheese options, too, like cool ranch, ghost pepper, blazing ranch or bacon cheddar.

Fox 5 Vegas reports that the restaurant says its “grand plan” when starting out was to create the “most craziest bagels this world has ever seen.”


Dive deeper into their menu and you'll see they're well on their way to that goal, especially with their "Overloads." The Bagel Nook's Overload is a decadent bagel sandwich that's bursting with unconventional fillings like Oreos, maple bacon, strawberries and birthday cake sprinkles.

A Crumb Cake Overload, for example, is likely why they have lines out the door. It's a French toast bagel with crumb cake cream cheese on both sides, and a piece of crumb cake in the middle. Or how about the Doritos Overload, which is a Doritos bagel with jalapeño cheddar cream cheese on both sides, and Doritos in the middle.

So when we goin' to Vegas? It's an hour flight from LA so I can be back before dinner! LET'S GOOO!

Feature photo: The Bagel Nook