Inside Taco Bell’s 24-Hour Las Vegas Cantina, Complete With Alcohol And DJ

Taco Bell's latest location and flagship store for their 'Cantina' is right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, perfect for highlighting its 24-hour service, a 'Freeze Wall' featuring Freeze drinks with alcoholic add-ons, a DJ booth, communal tables, a second floor lounge, and unique digital artwork. This Taco Bell 'Cantina' location is in the prime spot to capture the Vegas vibes.



Brian Niccol, Chief Executive Officer at Taco Bell Corp, Brian Niccol said in a July press release:

“When we talked about where to establish a flagship store, it didn’t take long to realize that having a presence in the heart of Vegas would undoubtedly create a unique, distinctive and fun destination and experience for Taco Bell fans.”

If you love partaking in alcoholic beverages, and are jonesin' for a chalupa, this Taco Bell is located on Harmon Corner, across from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and CityCenter, just perfect for your next bachelor party.


Oh, yeah, they also changed their logo to coincide with the Vegas grand opening.


Alcohol and fast food finally meet in perfect harmony, in Sin City, no less. So if you're #TeamNoSleep — which you should be, because duh Vegas — then a couple Doritos Locos Tacos and a twisted Freeze drink should be sufficient to fuel your night of Las Vegas debauchery.