Taco Bell Celebrates The 10th Return Of Nacho Fries With Large Size And Vegan Nacho Sauce

Photo: Taco Bell


Taco Bell has just announced the 10th comeback of its fan-favorite Nacho Fries and is celebrating it with a new Large size and a Vegan Nacho Sauce. Thank goodness fast food is nothing like sports because imagine Tom Brady saying "Syke, I'm back!" a few more times for the next few seasons.

Nacho Fries just keep coming back because the fans can't get enough. To give the people more of what they want, a new Large Nacho Fries is available starting today.

Starting October 12, fans can grab Nacho Fries with Vegan Nacho Sauce, which is certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association. If Vegan Nacho Sauce sounds familiar, that's because it first made an appearance on Taco Bell menus when it was used in the test of the Vegan Crunchwrap back in June of 2023.