These Canned Cocktails are Made From 100% Juice

One of the best parts of brunch is undoubtedly mimosas! However, there’s usually a half bottle of champagne or two left at the end of day and no one to drink it… not to mention possible hangovers. Enter SunDaze, a newly launched canned cocktail made to enjoy at any hour of the day.


This 100% Valencia orange juice blend is made using a fermentation process that transforms the orange juice into flavorful alcoholic refreshment — all while reducing calories along the way. Each cocktail contains 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and probiotics and is also gluten-free, vegan, and has no added sugars. 

SunDaze is available in three flavors: Classic (reimagines Valencia orange juice at its boozy best and rivals the best mimosa), Botanical Citrus (a blend of Valencia orange juice, rosemary, and ginger root for a zingy taste) and Spicy Citrus (a blend of Valencia orange juice with jalapeño and Thai chile for a kick).

This summer, the brand will also introduce different juice flavors to compliment its current line of orange juice-based alcoholic drinks.Combined with its distribution in Southern California and Austin, Texas, SunDaze is now sold in nearly 350 retail locations.