Starbucks Turns To Astrology For New Zodiac Drink Pairings

Photo: Starbucks

We can finally put those aspirational Starbucks zodiac charts to rest because the experts have finally spoken. Starbucks is always written in the stars for us, but this spring, Starbucks and horoscope app, Sanctuary World, are partnering to bring colorful insights to all signs in an interactive experience.


Through the partnership, fans will be able to get their daily horoscope along with a Starbucks beverage to match. You can participate in the experience by visiting

All you have to do is select your sign and the time of day you expect to take your coffee break (morning or afternoon). Once you've done that, Starbucks and Sanctuary World will populate your "power" words, spring color, flower, drink and of course, your reading.


Usually zodiac pairings are slightly off, but as a Libra, I received the Pink Drink along with Cherry Blossom as my color and Orchid as my flower and well, it's not wrong. My reading revealed that I thrive when I make time for myself and time with others and no argument there, I do appreciate me time and time with loved ones.

Whether you are looking for a new beverage or just to see if these pairings are accurate based on your astrology sign, give it a chance. Starbucks and astrology paired together will never let you down.