UV Sriracha Vodka is Here to Assault Your Mouth Hole


Sriracha has infiltrated every wavelength on the food spectrum -- from Sriracha ice cream sandwiches to lollipops and now, Sriracha-flavored vodka. Claiming their new item to be the world's "first sriracha flavored vodka to hit the market," Phillips Distilling Company announced the launch of UV Sriracha Vodka today.


The new vodka flavor infuses chili, garlic, vinegar and a medley of vegetables for that "authentic sriracha flavor." While that last part is up for debate, UV Sriracha aims to be the new go-to vodka to complement your Bloody Mary mix. However, just because it's now in booze form, that doesn't mean you can't pour it on everything. . . just like the real thing, right? Sriracha vodka on your omelettes, burgers and roasted chicken -- to name a few.

Yes, that sounds like crazy talk, but with a Huy Fong shortage looming ahead, who knows what desperate measures we're willing to take.